What is CNC

What is CNC?
Today, with the rapid growth of industries and their urgent need for a wide range of lathes, the CNC machine manufacturing industry is rapidly advancing.
With the advancement in computer science, CNC machines were born and most industries can be used in the manufacture of raw materials. In the modern age, not all CN machine makers are fully bound by the Din standard. Sometimes, to simplify specific use cases, they use specific symptoms that are only valid for the particular use area.
N is the first letter of the English word Numerical and C is the first letter of the English word Control. NC is a generic concept for numerical control and refers to devices that work with perforated tape. CNC refers to numerical control by a computer. So all CNCs are also NC but not all NCs are cnc.
The purpose of CNC machines in the industry is to:
1 – Auto
2 - control the movement of the tool
3 - control over the speed of the workpiece.